Custom banners

custom banners

1) Italian nautical fabric banners with highly durable construction.

For us, it is not enough to get the best quality printing, with strong, vibrant colours and resistance to fading, but we also take extra care over the finishing.

Ribbons and snaps made from durable materials.

What more could you need?

Remember that the exceptional durability is a saving greater than the lowest price.


2) Banners made from pongee (100% polyester) used where good visibility and waving are required at a low price.

These are generally used for parties and sporting events.

The banners can be equipped with jointed plastic poles (1m + 1m = 1.90 m (10 cm is lost due to the joint between the tubes).


Contact us for information or quotes.

Institutional flags

national flags

1) Nautical fabric flags finished with double stitching, reinforcing ribbons, loop lanyard, or carabiners.

International flags are available in the following sizes: 300x200 cm, 225x150 cm, 150x100 cm, 70x100 cm, 50x70 cm.


2) Pongee fabric flags with single foulard trim, tie or sleeve.

International flags are available in the following sizes: 150x100 cm, 70x100 cm.

For flag-wavers

Our flags for flag-wavers are strong, lightweight, and durable, with perfect digital printing and vivid colours.

We also offer a version combining a neck Foulard with drawings of the flag for self-financing sales, as well as construction of mini flags with plastic shafts for children.

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